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Troubleshooting Problems with Hookah

Troubleshooting Problems with Hookah

Hookahs are one of our most popular items and we sometimes get some questions about how to use the water pipe properly. Because of the hookah design, many of the components rely on being airtight and snug when connected, which requires being thorough when assembling as well as having high-quality grommet pieces. Burn & Brew sells some of the best hookahs in the Arlington, VA area and we recommend you come check our selection before buying a hookah anywhere else!

Problems With Hookah Airflow

The most common problem with hookahs is because the pieces are not secured tightly. The first thing you should try if your hookah isn’t working is to press the stem and base pieces together to secure an airtight seal. Next, make sure the base of your hose is airtight in the stem. Most of the time, this socket will be secured by a grommet that ensures the connection is completely sealed. It’s common that this piece goes missing and causes problems with hookah airflow. Go to a local head shop and they can help you get a new one that fits.

After Loading Your Bowl

It’s common that after loading your bowl with shisha, you notice more problems with airflow. Shisha is naturally light and airy, but pressing into a bowl can make a compact seal that air won’t pass through. If you’re noticing problems, take a toothpick and give the shisha a stir. Remember to keep the shisha below the rim of the bowl otherwise, it will not smoke properly, and could lead to another air-flow problem.

Why Does My Hookah Taste Bad?

The most common reason that your hookah tastes bad is that you have bad shisha. Either it’s a bad flavor, or perhaps you’re smoking a bowl that’s been sitting out for a while or has already been smoked. All of these factors can cause a hookah to taste unpleasurable.

The Best Hookah Coals

Coals are the next part of a great tasting hookah. Instant light coals are convenient because you can light them with a lighter and they have a layer of ignition material to help burn all the way around. That material comes with a strange flavor and it can be very noticeable if you have a mild flavor of shisha. Coconut coals are much harder to light but provide a smoother and natural flavor. These coals also require more maintenance as they are burning, but with practice, it’s well worth the experience.

Cleaning Your Hookah

Cleaning your hookah is an essential step in giving yourself the best hookah experience. A dirty hookah can be clogged with excess shisha, coal, or gunk. It’s important to clean your hookah weekly if you use it often, or at least monthly if it spends a lot of time without use. At Burn & Brew in Arlington, we sell cleaning solutions that will help you keep your piece spotless for the next time you want to hookah.

Too Much Or Not Enough Smoke

One of the most common hookah problems is getting too little or even too much smoke from your hookah. If you are not getting enough smoke in your hookah, try adjusting the stem and base together to ensure that they are airtight. To make sure you have the ideal airflow, place your hand at the top of the stem and pull from the hose. You should hear bubbling from the base and feel pressure from the stem. Once your coals are lit and you feel like you’re still not getting smoke, trying moving the coals around or applying a little oxygen to the coals. This will make them hotter and ensure your shisha is burning.

If you are getting too much smoke, or it is too harsh, this is probably because your coals are too hot. If you have multiple coals burning, consider removing one temporarily and placing it on the tray. If you have one coal burning, try moving it around the bowl or even breaking it into small pieces.