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Burn & Brew isn’t merely the best smoke shop in Arlington. It’s not merely the best coffee shop in Arlington. It is the delicious fusion of two of your favorite flavors and activities. The idea is simple, yet remains unique. You love coffee. You love smoking. What then could possibly be better than coffee and smoking? We’ve set out to provide you with both: the highest quality tobacco and smoking accessories at the same time as we happily serve you up a warm cup of joe.

Glass Pipes
Fresh Coffee

A Head Shop With a Selection

At Burn & Brew, we realize a head shop’s selection is everything when it comes to customer satisfaction. That’s why we carry everything such as glass water pipes, fine cigars, smoking accessories, cigarettes and even coffee to pair. We have some of the lowest prices on cigarettes in Arlington! You can preview some of our the products in our smoke shop, but be sure to stop in to see the newest selections that are added every day!

What Do Our Customers Think?

What Makes Us the Best Smoke Shop in Arlington, VA?

Burn & Brew, located conveniently in Arlington, VA, is your one-stop smoke shop. We carry the best and latest in smoking gear and accessories, from rolling papers to e-cigs and e-juice and everything in between, including glass pipes, cigarettes, hookahs, and more. We feel like there are a number of things that set us apart from the crowd. A few of the things that our customers appreciate most include:

Best Prices

No, really. Just take a glance at our competitor’s prices and you’ll understand why our customers come back again and again. We’ve got some of the best deals and best prices on cigarettes, lighters, pipes, smoking accessories, and more!

Top-Notch Service

We know our products because we use them ourselves, too! We care about your experience and take the time to speak with every customer and answer any questions you might have. Take a look at some of the exemplary reviews!

Best Selection

Because nobody enjoys having to go to different shops to get everything that they need for a smoking session. We’ve got it all, and when it comes to shisha and e-juice we’ve got so many flavors that you’ll have a hard time picking just one!

A Cup of Hot Coffee With Your Smokes

We’re called Burn & Brew for a reason. Where else can you get all of your favorite smoking products and a hot cup of coffee at the same time? Well, everyone knows that coffee and cigarettes go together, but why not mix it up? How about coffee and shisha, or coffee and all of your favorite e-juice flavors? We’ve got a huge selection, and no matter your tastes, we’re confident that we’re the only smoke shop around that will also serve you up a fresh cup of joe.

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