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What Makes High-Quality E-Juice?

What Makes High-Quality E-Juice?
E-juice (also known as e-liquid), is the liquid manufactured for vaporizers (also known as e-cigs or electronic cigarettes) to provide a flavored, tobacco-free smoking experience. Like any other consumable product, it can be ranked from poor quality to an extensive premium market. Your vaping experience will largely depend on the whether or not you’re using high-quality e-liquid. The main difference between high-quality and low-quality e-liquid is in the preparation and the type of ingredients used.

E-Juice Development Process

In the development stages of the highest-quality e-juice, the nicotine concentration is rigorously tested through the NMR and HPLC exams to guarantee the safety of the customers. In high-quality e-juice, top-grade United States Pharmacopeia Nicotine, Vegetable glycerin, and Propylene Glycol are utilized. In addition to those ingredients, there are many different flavorings that have all been approved by the FDA as food additives. When a company goes through this rigorous process, they will actively advertise their certificates of approval for the quality of their products. Avoid any e-juice that doesn’t specify this specific part of development because it will likely be of lower quality.

E-Juice Production Process

E-Juice Bottle There is a certification level known as cGMP (current Good Manufacturing Process). When a company begins producing premium e-liquid, they acquire this certification. It means that they have specialized chemists who have expertly blended the formula using precision filling and mixing equipment. This is the first variable to a high-quality e-juice, and this information can be found using online resources and looking through a catalog of e-juice.

E-Juice Ingredients

The main diluents in an e-liquid are PG (Propylene Glycol), VG (Vegetable Glycerine), and AG (Aqueous Glycerine). The PG is what gives the juice the throat effect and manufacturers who mix these ratios poorly will normally have used too much concentrated PG. Consumers have regularly complained of throat pain and headaches when they vape poor quality e-liquid because of unnecessarily high PG and bad ratio overall. The ingredients are left to combine for a long time to create a bold flavor. This process is known as steeping and it’s extremely vital in determining the quality and the taste of the e-juice. This is a great way of knowing whether you have premium e-juice, or not. There are many vape shops that mix the juice in front of you. The e-juice ingredients don’t have enough time to gel properly and the juice will likely taste watered down or just plain awful. When left to steep for at least a week; chances are the juice will taste much better than a quick mix.

Natural vs Synthetic Nicotine

Some of the factors that affect the flavor and quality of the e-juice lie in the components used by the manufacturer. Nicotine that is derived from natural sources not only tends to taste better but is also less toxic when compared to synthetic nicotine. Synthetic nicotine is much cheaper than plant-derived organic nicotine and most poor quality e-juice is loaded with synthetic nicotine.

Labeling and Packaging the Products

Steeping is a precise science in that if done too long, the end result can be catastrophic. The important question is how does the customer know whether or not they are buying the right high-quality e-liquid? The manufacturer puts a sell-by date on the bottle. Stay away from any e-juice bottles that don’t inform you on when the taste is likely to change. Our smokeshop is dedicated to keeping you informed on your e-juice so you know exactly what you’re vaping. When e-liquid is steeped for long periods of time it doesn’t go bad. Bad e-liquid manufacturers rely on this fact so they will continue to sell their products knowing full well that they aren’t selling you something that’s good. The type of bottle that’s used for the container of the E-liquid really matters. E-liquid properties are easily changed when they are exposed to long periods in the sun, so expect to find premium e-juice in dark-colored glass bottles. Bad manufacturer practices include the habit of storing the E-liquid in clear plastic containers because it reduces their production costs.

Signs Of A Bad E-Juice

  • No cGMP Certification
  • No steeping process
  • Synthetic nicotine
  • No sell-by date on the bottle
  • High PG – VG ratio
  • Clear plastic container

Find the Best E-Juice in Arlington, VA

High-quality e-liquid can only be made if the manufacturer doesn’t cut any corners. Attention to detail is key here and you as the consumer has to be vigilant on the many different vaping brands out there. Good manufacturers will always proudly advertise the process in which they made the e-liquid and it will be mentioned on the labels or on the carton boxes that they are stored in. Burn & Brew can provide you access to a large selection of high-quality e-juices and e-cig materials.