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Butt Bucket Ash Tray

A butt bucket ashtray is a smoking accessory that will help not only the smoker but those around him. This is a type of smokeless ashtray that has several different functions. This ashtray will help decrease the distinctive odor of that comes with smoking. The butt bucket ashtray easily holds and hides your cigarette butts. You can eliminate the fear of knocking over the ashtray and having butts and ashes all over your floor or carpet.

These are great features for any ashtray, but the butt bucket ashtray takes it one step further. It’s an extinguishing ashtray too. All you need to do is put your cigarette over the hole and it will go out within seconds. This means it’s a good safety device as well. No more worries about a lit cigarette that can potentially burn down your house. These are good for your home, your car, and you can even take them with you when you go to the beach. You won’t have to worry about littering and leaving your butts all over the place.