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Digital Scale

Digital Pocket Scale

Digital pocket scales are a great accessory for smokers who like to roll their own cigarettes. They are lightweight and easy to carry so you can easily keep them in a corner at home, take them with you when you are on vacation, or just have it available to you when you’re visiting family or friends. These scales allow you to precisely measure the amount of tobacco you want to place in each cigarette, so you’ll enjoy a cigarette that is uniform and easy to smoke. If you also have a cigarette making machine, you’ll be able to make cigarettes exactly like the ones you buy in the store.

These scales come with a variety of options to suit your specific smoking needs. Accuracy is very important when making cigarettes, and these scales will measure up to a hundredth of a gram. Once you place your tobacco or herb on the scale, you will get a reading that is instant and right on target. You won’t have to worry about trying to gauge the correct amount of tobacco needed to make your perfect cigarette using eyesight and intuition. After measuring one time, you’ll know precisely how much you need to make the perfect cigarette.