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Are Hand Rolled Cigarettes Better For You?

Are Hand Rolled Cigarettes Better For You?

Almost everyone knows that smoking cigarettes comes with health risks. With that in mind, many people are looking for a healthier way to smoke tobacco without having to give up the habit. People all over have asked if smoking hand rolled cigarettes is better for you than purchasing pre-rolled commercial cigarettes available at retail stores.

So, are Hand-Rolled Cigarettes Healthier?

Unfortunately, when using loose tobacco and rolling papers, you’re using the same type of tobacco that you find in the pre-rolled variety found at smoke shops. There is no less risk associated with the self-rolled cigarettes. The only difference when it comes to the self-rolled variety is that you be able to more closely inspect the tobacco that is used to roll the cigarette, which can help insure that foreign particles don’t get mixed into the cigarettes. It can also help to ensure that he tobacco used is fresh and isn’t tainted with mold or mildew.

It should be noted, however, that rolling your own cigarettes can save money.

Do Filters Make a Cigarette Healthier?

Even if the hand-rolled cigarette is including a filter, it isn’t any safer than the kind that big name tobacco companies have for sale. The filter only helps to cut down some of the tar that is inhaled, but the chemicals that are found in the cigarettes remain in the smoke and are not trapped by the filter. Essentially, unfiltered cigarettes allow more tar to get into your lungs, but the real danger with the cigarettes are the chemicals that are created when the tobacco is smoked. There are some brands of tobacco — both loose and pre-rolled — on the market that have fewer additives and chemicals that label themselves as natural tobacco, and are somewhat less chemical filled than their more popular counterparts. They are, however, by no means safer.

Anyone who smokes or uses tobacco should be thoroughly aware of the risks. That being said, people who are going to smoke anyway should look for brands who are transparent with their growing and manufacturing practices. People who smoke may be able to lessen the impact to their health, but should not be lulled into thinking that any of the various types of tobacco use is safer than another.

What About E-Cigs?

There has been some controversy in the e-cigarette market as to whether or not e-cigs are safer than smoking. Most experts agree that e-cigarettes are less harmful and a better alternative to pre-rolled commercial cigarettes or hand-rolled cigarettes, but they may also pose their own unique health risks. Little is currently known about the long-term effects of e-cigarette use, but it appears to be a safer alternative to the ready to smoke variety at retail stores or the hand-rolled cigarettes.

Regardless of the health factors, people often do use e-cigs when attempting to quit smoking, much in the same way that people often transition to hand-rolled cigarettes in order to help cut down on tobacco use.

If you are unsure about which brands of tobacco are grown with more natural practices and which brands are more transparent with their additives, just come in to Burn & Brew and speak with any of our smoking experts. We’ll be happy to suggest some alternatives that may help you decrease the level of your chemical intake and perhaps give you a start in the right direction.